Generating documents should be a swift, hassle-free process.

As a developer or freelancer needing to create work samples, or as an agency frequently sharing webpages, it's vital to efficiency you have a reliable HTML to PDF solution in place.

In a market cluttered with Paperplane alternative services, it's not as easy as it once was to pin-point the API best for you.

From Paperplane to PDFMyURL and DocRaptor, there are many services that claim to be the best - but are they really?

That's an inquiry we've set out to answer; as this guide will do.

CloudLayer is an efficiency-focused, API-driven solution for devs and freelancers needing to convert HTML into PDF form.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how CloudLayer streamlines workflows for devs and digital professionals converting HTML.

Create PDFs from HTML with the Paperplane alternative that enables devs to streamline workflows like never before, it takes only moments to get started and will have you converting documents at speeds/pricing unmatched by alternate services.

Tired of non-transparent pricing or high per-conversion rates?

If so, CloudLayer is the Paperplane alternative for you; we make costs transparent, simple, and fitting for all budget sizes.

CloudLayer - Your Paperplane Alternative

Paperplane serves users well, but not on the pricing forefront.

Paperplane is a costlier solution and doesn't match the speeds or volumes achieved with CloudLayer solutions, often why CL is the Paperplane alternative used time and time again by devs and digital professionals.

CloudLayer offers a high-performance, file-conversion API and has become the Paperplane alternative of choice thanks to speedy conversions, quality files, and fast-export functionality.

Impressive as the service itself is the speed of getting started.

Using CloudLayer solutions, creating an API, and converting HTML to PDF could not be easier.

In this segment, we'll show you how to convert HTML to PDF using CloudLayer's API and your application; fast and simple.

This section will also discuss:

· Creating an account.

· CloudLayer requirements.

· Credits for conversions.

· Creating & using the API.

To start using the best Paperplane alternative, you will need to first create your account.

CloudLayer - Create an Account

This can be done using your email or by logging in with Gmail.

You can do so by visiting the Create Account link atop the site or by clicking here.

Once created, you will then be required to purchase credits or a subscription; at which point the API is activated.

One useful benefit of CloudLayer over Paperplane is that all new accounts receive $1 free credit - that is enough to process over two-thousand documents.

CloudLayer - Subscriptions

Awesome.  You now have your account created.  What's next?

Next is to choose a subscription, in this case - HTML to PDF.

You have two options - Credits and Subscriptions.

Choose one that best fits your budget and conversion needs.

Remember, in order to make calls using the API, you will need to maintain an active subscription or positive balance.

As such, keep an eye on your credit balance and mindful of the date on which your subscription renews.  

One easy way to do this is to set calendar reminders, which all developers should practice.

Accessing the HTML to PDF API is simple.

While logged in, visit Subscription & Credits, or click here.

CloudLayer - Credits

Credits are applied to accounts once a subscription is chosen and paid for.

As conversion requests are processed, CloudLayer monitors the processing time and bandwidth used.

The number of credits charged to an account's balance is determined by the number of resources used to process the conversion.

Estimate Costs - Conversion Calculator

Want to calculate costs?  CL makes it incredibly easy to do so.

The on-site conversion calculator allows you to do just that.

To calculate HTML to PDF costs, input the average:

· Number of documents you need to convert monthly.

· Size of files to be converted.

· Compute time required to process your documents.

Once done, the calculator will show your monthly total, which includes the Subscription, Bandwidth, and Compute Time.

Creating an API Key

The API is how users convert HTML to PDF files.  

API calls are authenticated and processed using the API Key.  

If wondering how to find your API Key, it can be viewed in your Dashboard.  If logged in, you can visit this link directly.

If your subscription has expired, or if credits are depleted, or in the case an invalid Key is put in, you'll see a 500-Error prompt.

At CloudLayer, you can maintain up to five API Keys at once.  

Manage your APIs at Dashboard>Account>API Management.

There, create new API Keys or suspend ones no longer needed. Documentation is provided with API Keys as well so users can seamlessly transfer files between environments.

Add the 'X-API-Key' http header to use the API - the header's name isn't case sensitive although the key is, just something to keep in mind.

Benefits of Doc-Conversion Automation

Reports, forms, applications, webpages.

There's a endless supply of data online you may need to extract, by using an API to automate conversions, you can save yourself time, reduce costs, and avoid doing conversions that otherwise would need to be done manually.

In a fast-paced environment busied by devs and client outreach specialists, automating conversions is essential to getting client samples prepared quickly without wasting in-house resources.

As a powerful, plug-in solution, CloudLayer enables efficiency and workflow performance to maximize results for users/devs.

CloudLayer - Your Best Paperplane Alternative

In recent years, PDFs have exploded in popularity.  

For one, they can be viewed and edited offline.  Adding to that, they've also become a universal file type now compatible with programs you already use.

Needless to say, when it comes to document sharing/archiving, PDFs are the gold-standard, must-have file type for those that need to create shareable files.

That said, create PDF documents with peace-of-mind knowing they'll be accessible for ages to come, it is a file type that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Let's review some of the reasons users refer to CloudLayer as the best Paperplane alternative; expect incredible results.

CloudLayer offers businesses, freelancers, and developers with robust document-conversion services that go far beyond what's found with Paperplane and other competitors hopelessly trying to meet the industry standards that we aim to set.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

In-house made conversion platforms can run five to six figures.

It's not an affordable or practical solution for most.

Leave conversions and server management to CloudLayer to spend more time growing your businesses and less resources generating files.  

Unleash potential with your HTML to PDF API that will deliver awe-inspiring client impressions.

Custom Workflows

Needs vary, from developer to developer, from client to client.

As such, it's important to create a workflow using solutions that let you convert and export PDFs in volumes meeting the needs of you and the clients you serve.

Our API-driven, HTML to PDF solution does just that while easily integrating into pre-existing workflows and processes.

Rigid, Robust, Dependable

CloudLayer's API was developed by developers, for developers.

Breath-taking performance, fast conversion speeds, scalable solutions - with CloudLayer, users unleash limitless potential.

Blast Through Large Workloads

Have large, ever-growing batch workloads to complete?  No problem, CloudLayer can create multiple PDFs concurrently.

CloudLayer's API is asynchronous too.  This means you can stop and forget PDF jobs rather than keeping them running continuously.

This helps users save on conversion costs, one of many reasons CloudLayer is the best Paperplane alternative solution.

CloudLayer perks don't stop there, users can:

· Upload PDFs to Amazon S3 bucket.

· Gauge conversion costs ahead of time.

· Generate multiple PDFs concurrently.

· Export multiple PDFs at the same time.

· Create PDFs with enabled webhook notifications.

CloudLayer - Your Affordable Alternative

Unlike most, CloudLayer services don't sacrifice quality for pricing.  In fact, our service, technology, and infrastructure is constantly evolving to render better service at the same rates.

From support to service, from solutions to features, we excel in all areas to become the best HTML to PDF service for the devs in need of a service that meets the needs of their own and clients.

What are you waiting for?  

Ready to experience for yourself why we're the most popular Paperplane alternative?  

If so, getting started could not be easier.

Claim your free credit and create an account by clicking here or by visiting - the only regret you'll have is that you didn't find our solutions sooner.