Convert HTML to PDF online with incredible ease.

If needing to convert webpages to PDF form you arrived at the right destination; we'll show you how, but first, what are PDFs?

PDFs are a universal file format compatible with nearly every application and software in today's market.  They're especially useful to devs and freelancers regularly creating work samples.

PDFs can be opened on any device regardless of the operating system and will keep the same format as when it was created.  

Adding to that, most computers come out-the-box with Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed, and it's completely free too.

Furthermore, PDFs consume very little hard drive space thanks to its support for image compression while not compromising file quality or integrity.  

Plus, with a PDF, you can customize security settings, such as prohibiting the editing or printing of the document, you can even add electronic signatures to determine the document's authenticity too.

Whether a self-established developer or agency needing a swift way to convert HTML to PDF online, this guide will prove useful to you.

PDFs are primarily used for storage and the transmission of textual or graphical information from the internet.  PDFs are also helpful to corporate goals.  For example, creating a price list, generating work agreements, or producing work samples.

Today's guide will review cloudlayer's HTML to PDF API to show how you can convert a webpage into an offline-accessible PDF - it's a solution for businesses and budgets of all sizes.

Ease-of-Access with PDFs - A Brief Overview

PDFs are accessible across all devices we use.

It seems as if the 'portable document format', or PDF as it's better known, has been available since the inception of the internet itself.

Businesses of all types and sizes, to this day, prefer PDFs over any other file type for documenting purposes.

While the gold-standard format of documents, PDFs do have its inconveniences.

For example, converting websites to PDF can be a challenging, head-aching process, and timely too, especially true for those using outdated software.  

Furthermore, creating a strategic PDF template can be difficult without access to the right tools which typically results in developers wasting precious time on formatting that could be better spent scaling their business and serving clients.

Though there is light at the end of the tunnel, if wanting to convert HTML to PDF online easily, and affordably too, you came to just the right place to do so, let's get to it.

What is Cloudlayer?  

Cloudlayer is a website-to-PDF, API-powered service.  With it, you are able to convert websites into PDFs at impressive speeds and in volumes accommodating even the most demanding of workflows.

If needing to convert HTML to PDF online in small or large batches, or if needing to convert multiple websites to PDFs at the same time, cloudlayer's API will allow you to achieve both.

Ready to convert HTML to PDF online in three easy steps?

It's as easy as creating a free account, choosing a subscription, and setting up an API.  And also too, all new accounts receive one dollar in free credit, which means you can process over two-thousand documents for free, see why became a dev-favorite HTML to PDF tool and convert a website to PDF at no cost to you, prepare for service unlike any other.

You a Development Team or Agency?

Save your business time and money; convert HTML to PDFs efficiently.

HTML to PDF tools is like sand on the beach; there are many to choose from.  

But which is best for a busy team of developers or an agency frequently converting webpages to PDFs?  And, how can be used profitably by developers and agencies?  

We'll answer that below but let's first review what cloudlayer is and the benefits it delivers to its global developer userbase. is not purely a PDF reader or editor, rather, it is an HTML to PDF online conversion service integrating into company workflows in order to make them more efficient.  

With as your central PDF server, web pages can be easily processed, converted, and exported to PDFs.  This can be done by using an HTML code or with a URL, whichever is most easiest for the team. is a platform-independent PDF server enabling the creation and processing of PDF documents.

With the help of, software developers can easily integrate needed functions into pre-existing workflows using a range of applications and in the preferred programming language of their choice.

Cloudlayer webservices are conceivable for a range of tasks and is based on standardized protocols compatible with all dev-used applications.  

Using cloudlayer, you can also break down complex operations into smaller, more-manageable sub-steps, of which you can combine as needed to streamline workflows and reduce costs.

As a service built by devs for devs, cloudlayer launched its API with you in mind.  The result?  It's now easier than ever before to convert HTML to PDF online using your applications; in just a few minutes, you can be converting web pages to PDF in large volumes and at unprecedented speeds.

Setting up an account, creating an API, and integrating it with your application is a seamless process, get started by clicking here.

Create your HTML to PDF API Key

Cloudlayer's API is how devs convert webpage to PDF format.

All calls are both processed and authenticated using the API, it is also how PDFs are exported too.

Create your API Key by navigating to:

· Dashboard

· Account

· API Management

If already logged in, you can visit this link directly to create the API.  

Once there, manage currently-active keys or suspend ones no longer needed; users are able to have up to five active keys at the same time.

Under API Management, documentation is provided with keys as well to make transfers/conversions between environments as simple as possible.

Get Started - Convert HTML to PDF Online

Ready to Convert HTML to PDF Online? Let's get started.

If you want to convert HTML to PDF online you will first need to create an account.  

Select the Create Free Account button or click here to sign up directly.

Once created, you can then purchase credits or a subscription, at which point the API is activated for use.

Credits/Subscriptions for HTML to PDF Online

Great, your account is created, you are one step closer to being able to convert HTML to PDF online.

As mentioned above, new accounts receive one dollar in free credit which is enough to process over two-thousand documents.

Though you can also head to Subscription & Credits if needing to convert website to PDF in volumes exceeding your free-credit bonus.

Estimate HTML to PDF Conversion Costs

Transparency is the heart of services.

As such, we make it easy to estimate HTML to PDF conversion costs with the help of our on-site conversion calculator, be sure to check it out.

To see HTML to PDF online costs, input your average:

· Number of PDFs needing to be generated monthly.

· Size of files that you will be converting.

· Compute the time required to convert your requests.

Once inputted, the calculator will show the monthly total, which includes the Subscription, Bandwidth, and Compute Time.

Work with large, ever-growing batches that need converting?  No problem, with, you can create and export hundreds of PDFs at the same time.

Adding to that, cloudlayer's API is asynchronous as well.  This means you can pause jobs instead of keeping them running; a feature saving devs money.

But that's not all, with cloudlayer, you can also:

· Transfer PDFs to Amazon S3 bucket.

· Estimate conversion costs in advance.

· Generate multiple PDFs at the same time.

· Export hundreds of PDFs concurrently.

· Create PDFs with a webhook-enabled platform.

From service to support, from features to solutions, cloudlayer does not disappoint.  

No matter how many webpages you need to convert each month and no matter the speed at which you need them converted, our platform has the capacity to meet the needs and goals of you and your clients.

Get started today, create an account, claim your free credit, and see why has become the dev-favorite solution to convert HTML to PDF online.