Needing to create PDF documents from webpages with ease?

Does your dev team or agency need to convert HTML to PDF with the ability to define sizing options for the footer, header, and page size too?

If so, HTML to PDF with custom header and footer is the solution for you, and today we will show how you can start using to generate beautiful, custom-sized PDFs from both HTML and URLs with ease.

Using an HTML to PDF API will streamline your conversions and workflows so you can spend more time serving clients and scaling your business.

Using a cloud-based conversion API relieves you from handling the hosting and processing of Chrome instances yourself.

Just one reason developers use as they can create PDFs while pre-setting the sizes of footers, headers, and pages.

Cloudlayer's HTML to PDF converter can add headers and footers to documents with Header and Footer properties that also allow these page section sizes to be customized.

Custom headers are done to add page numbers or to add custom labeling within the document.  With, profiles can also be created allowing users to save custom header and footer settings as templates for future conversions.

They also keep longer PDFs organized and easier to read.

Giving Developers Reasons to be Excited

Cloudlayer is Creating a Developer-First Future is creating a developer-first future.

Innovatively-focused and API-driven, offers a suite of options giving devs and everyday users an HTML to PDF service unlike any other.

As a solution built for devs and by devs, cloudlayer fulfills the needs of veteran developers, agencies, and even users needing to make only a few conversions per month.

Though, our scaleable service means developers and large-scale agencies are able to generate up to a million PDFs each month.

Plus, all new accounts receive a dollar in free credit so you can generate your first two-thousand PDFs at no cost.

This is only one of the many reasons why users refer to cloudlayer as the best HTML to PDF service online, but what else makes a service the best?

Is it?

· Fast, API-based conversions?

· Round-the-clock customer support?

· The ability to estimate conversion costs?

· Option to convert many files at the same time?

If these are features you or your business would benefit from then is the solution for you.

Cloudlayer is a powerful, API-driven service empowering devs to convert HTML to PDF at speeds and volumes outpacing most. is a versatile conversion service now frequented by developers and agencies that need the ability to convert web pages to PDFs while using custom-sized headers and footers.  

Lightning-fast conversions, budget-friendly rates, and fast-export functionality, has become a dev-favorite, doc-conversion solution.

One thing developers appreciate with our conversion service is that getting started is just as quick as the solution itself.  

In just a few minutes, you can create an account, set up an API, and begin processing conversions.

Plus too, technical support is always on standby to extend help in the event assistance is needed.  

Let's waste no time, below we will show how you can get started with, in no time, you will be converting web pages to PDF form with mind-blowing ease.

Create an Account to Convert HTML to PDF

Converting HTML to PDF has never been simpler.

Processing conversions is a three-step process that first begins with creating an account, we'll show you how.

To create your account, you will first need to visit the Create Free Account link located at the top of the site.  

Alternatively, click here to visit the sign-up page directly.

When creating your account, you have the option of signing up with your email address or you can do so by logging in via GMail, whichever is easiest for you.

As mentioned above, once your account is created, it will be given $1 in complimentary credit, which again, as shared earlier on, will allow you to process up to 2,000 conversions.

Choosing a Subscription and Purchasing Credits

As the best HTML to PDF service, we make conversion fees easy to calculate.

Once your account is created, choosing a subscription is the next step, the one best for you depends on the number of conversions you need to process monthly.

Remember, using cloudlayer's API will require you to have an active subscription or positive credit balance.  

As such, keep an eye on your credit balance and if you need to, set reminders for the dates on which your subscriptions renew, this way, you ensure the API stays active and that workflows run smoothly.

Aside from friendly rates and lightning-fast conversion speeds, one feature developers appreciate most is the option to customize the sizing of footers and headers.

If using outdated tools or software, this is something that often requires manual editing, but no longer, you can now define the page section sizes without doing so manually; saving you time and resources that could be better spent growing your business and serving clients.

Developers in need deserve cloudlayer indeed.

Reasons to Choose Cloudlayer is not purely a PDF editor or reader, rather, it is an HTML to PDF API integrating into pre-existing workflows in order to make them run more efficiently.

Whether you need to create PDFs in small or large batches, or if needing to convert many URL's in to PDF form at the same time, will enable you to achieve both.

Reduce Costs and Save Time

Ever thought of launching software of your own to convert web pages to PDFs?  If so, know that doing so is a costly and time-consuming process taking months or years to develop.

Between servicing existing clients and growing your business to attain new ones, it's safe to assume you don't have the time to spare creating a conversion solution yourself.

With at the heart of your conversion operations, web pages can be swiftly processed, converted, and exported in large volumes to PDFs.  You can use both HTML and URLs to generate PDFs too, whichever is easiest for you and the team.

Custom Workflows

Streamlining conversions will free up time and resources and will allow you or your team to generate PDFs with custom headers and footers without wasting time.

No matter your workflow processes, cloudlayer integrates to make them more efficient and will let you create beautiful PDFs meeting the needs of clients and project requirements.

Streamline Conversions with an API

Cloudlayer is an API-based service, meaning users use an API with their application in order to convert HTML to PDF.

Calls are processed and authenticated using the API which is used to export PDFs too.

A subscription or positive credit balance is needed in order for the API to be activated.

To access your HTML to PDF API, navigate to:

· First: Dashboard

· Second: Account

· Third: API Management

You can also access the API-management page by clicking here.

Users can have up to five active API keys at the same time and have the ability to suspend or create new ones as needed.

To ensure swift set up, documentation is provided with API keys to make the process of transferring and converting files between environments a hassle-free one.  

As always, if questions throughout the API-usage process arise, you can also contact support for speedy assistance.

Avoid Outdated Solutions

Cloudlayer is a dev-founded, in-house-made service.

Our performance-based, industry-grade servers and technology means devs can manage their business and convert HTML with peace of mind knowing they're using a service that can meet and scale with their needs.

Considering PDFs are the gold-standard file-type format now compatible with nearly all applications and software, it's the perfect time to begin using PDFs for your business or to archive data that will be easily accessible for years to come.

What's the best way to do this?  Automation, of course!

Get started with today and create your account.

Whether you need to set custom footer/header parameters or want to generate hundreds of PDF files at the same time, we offer features serving the needs of all devs and agencies.