What's the best PDFMyURL alternative?  Good question.

That's an inquiry often made among developers, especially now where more alternatives than ever before exist in the market.

The seemingly never-ending list of PDFMyURL alternates has made choosing a service ideal to your needs and budget harder.

Allow us to make the signal easier to read through all the noise.

In this guide, we'll review a PDFMyURL alternative that has devs and freelancers streamlining workflows like never before.

CloudLayer is an HTML to PDF service with API support and conversion speeds competitors are unable to emulate.

It's a popular solution too for devs and freelancers wanting to maximize the volume of conversions for their budget.  

At PDFMyURL, 500 conversions cost $19 while 1,000 at CloudLayer is under twenty-five dollars.  

This about cuts the cost-per-conversion to half.  

A huge savings for devs making thousands of monthly requests.

Wondering which PDFMyURL alternative is best?  If so, not for long; for you, we'll make the choice a conclusively-easy one.

Let's compare CloudLayer features, capabilities, and pricing so you can see for yourself why we've become a dev-favorite API.

PDFMyURL Alternative

Wondering which HTML to PDF API is best for your needs?

Looking for the best PDFMyURL alternative?  

Needing to convert webpages to offline-accessible documents swiftly, affordably, and easily?  If so, your solution has arrived.

There is more PDFMyURL alternatives today than ever before with most claiming to be the best HTML to PDF service.

This has made it difficult for developers and freelancers alike to choose the service best for their conversion needs and goals.

Unable to decide?  You're not alone; many wonder the same. As such, we published this guide to make the choice an easier one.

Before comparing CloudLayer, let's answer a frequent inquiry.

What makes an HTML to PDF service the best?

Is it:

· Blazing-fast conversions?

· Round-the-clock customer support?

· The option to calculate conversion costs?

· The ability to export thousands of documents concurrently?

Are these features you care most about?  

If so, CloudLayer's the PDFMyURL alternative for you; fast affordable, simple, and easy to use - document conversions the way it should be.

CloudLayer - The Best PDFMyURL Alternative

CloudLayer is a powerful, API-based service enabling users to speedily convert files at volumes and rates unmatched by most.

User-focused; CL became a popular PDFMyURL alternative due to quick conversions, budget-friendly rates, and fast-export functionality; traits all developers will appreciate.

Getting started with CloudLayer couldn't be easier.

To use the PDFMyURL alternative beloved by freelancers and devs around the globe you'll need an account; takes moments.

We will walk you through the account-creation process below.

Create Account - Start Converting HTML to PDF

To convert HTML to PDF you need to create an account.

Establish one using your email or by logging in via Gmail.

To do so, select Create Free Account atop the site, or click here.

Keep in mind, service isn't activated immediately upon account creation.  Before using the API, you need to purchase credits or a subscription.

Unlike PDFMyURL, new CloudLayer users receive one-dollar in free credit, this is enough to process over 2,000 documents.

Buying credits, choosing a subscription, and estimating costs are easy with CL, and our calculator makes understanding rates the easiest it has ever been.

PDF Benefits and CloudLayer Solutions

Helpful to web developers, converting HTML to PDF is especially useful for common users and freelancers too.

Reasons being; PDFs enhance workflows and efficiency.

But PDF perks don't end there, there is a range of benefits enjoyed by devs and freelancers using this file type.

See why CL is a dev-favorite PDFMyURL alternative, try our HTML to PDF API for documents that are:

· Simple to edit.

· Easy to share and print.

· Viewable and readable offline.

· Simple to compress, store, and annotate.

· Affordable to convert, especially with CloudLayer.

Ever wonder; what are the benefits of HTML?

If so, here are five PDF features CloudLayer users enjoy.

#1 Viewable - Anytime, Anywhere, Even Offline

No internet?  No problem.

CL enables users to convert webpages to offline-accessible files.

PDFs do not require internet to be viewed.

Reason being, they're already translated from code to elements displaying the data, content, and layout; no internet is needed to view these file types.

#2 PDFs are EASY to Edit

Part of a fast-paced team or busy office environment?

Need to edit or highlight important file details for clients?

If so, CloudLayer's HTML to PDF API is your best solution.

With a PDF file, you can add comments and highlights to the content itself.  This is especially helpful to developers needing to create work samples quickly.

Upon converting HTML to PDF, you'll be able to add links, insert images, edit text, and even restructure the layout.  With PDFs, your options are limitless; as are CloudLayer solutions.

#3 PDFs are Easy to Print and Share

When converting HTML to PDF, the file will preserve the layout, text, and appearance of the webpage.  This holds true regardless of the device used to view the document.

Printing one will keep the original format and will appear just as it did as a webpage.

#4 PDFs Support Image Compression

PDFs support image compression - you can store files while consuming as little space as possible on your hard drive.

Compressing a PDF doesn't alter the text or layout either; enjoy smaller file sizes with no quality depreciation.

#5 HTML to PDF Conversions are Affordable

Creating PDF documents from HTML is affordable, especially when using CloudLayer.

Technology has evolved, especially in the past ten years.  

Today, more people than ever before use the internet and rely on PDFs to exchange information and data.

CloudLayer's proprietary conversion technology allows users to convert HTML to PDF at the lowest cost-per-conversion rates around.  

One reason we're a PDFMyURL alternative favorited by devs and freelancers; budget-friendly rates not compromising service quality has made CL the go-to HTML to PDF solution.

CloudLayer - The Best PDFMyURL Alternative

If you're a developer or freelancer struggling to find a quality conversion service that scales with your business and meets your budget - you're not alone.

Avoid the headache often accompanying alternatives and let CloudLayer provide you with service that makes a difference.

Let's demonstrate why users choose CloudLayer:


With CloudLayer, you can easily, and swiftly, convert any URL or raw HTML into high-quality PDFs.

Our API can be used in any programming language and comes packed with options that allow users to define layouts, footers, headers, encryption, and watermarking.

With a PDF, you can add a PDF link or button to any of your webpages so visitors can download the file.

You have full control of the layout options and can set custom headers/footers too.

Entire Websites to PDF Files

Use our service to archive your entire website for either copyright or compliance purposes.  

With CL, it's as simple as inputting your URL.  

From there, we'll fetch every page on your site to construct a beautiful PDF both you and clients will love.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your coffee as we handle conversions.

Batch Conversions - URL to PDF

If an agency or developer, you may have many sites needing to be converted to PDF form.  

Need not worry, CloudLayer has you covered.  

The API allows you to convert multiple URL's into a single PDF or into multiple ones that allow for neat archiving.

Wallet-Friendly Pricing

CloudLayer pricing is transparent, easy to understand, and most importantly - affordable.  

We have plans for the smallest of businesses and plans too for large-scale operations needing an HTML to PDF API service scaling with the needs of their business.

Support and Consulting

Have questions or inquiries related to our service?  

Require a custom-tailored solution or want to see how we can help you streamline workflows to become more efficient?  

If so, you found your PDFMyURL alternative; CloudLayer.  

We treat client needs as our own, carefully giving the attention required for stellar support and service, join CloudLayer for a conversion-service experience unlike any other.

Start Converting HTML to PDF Today

Ready to see for yourself why CloudLayer is a top-rated PDFMyURL alternative?

Wanting a no-barrier conversion service that will have you creating and exporting PDFs at industry-leading speed and quality?

If so, getting started couldn't be simpler.

Visit cloudlayer.io/auth/register, create an account, and start converting HTML to PDF files at unprecedented speeds.